Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pinky's Weekend

Pinky played peek a boo at the park

This weekend we had a sleep over at Nanna’s because Mum went out to a birthday Party. When mum came to pick us up on Sunday morning we went for a drive to Harcourt to buy fresh apples.

(Harcourt is about a 1 hours drive away located in the Victoria’s Goldfields district and it is know for it’s apple orchids).
On the way there we stopped a Malmsbury. It is a small town with a nice park. We like to play on the playground. There is an old train bridge at the back of the gardens. My brother thinks it is Thomas the tank engine’s bridge. We like to watch for trains but one never came while we were there.

(The Malmsbury Viaduct is the largest stone bridge in Victoria. It consists of 5 x 18 metre arches and was built in 1862)

After we looked at the bridge we went for a walk in the park’s lake. There is no water in the lake because of the drought and all the ground was cracked.

(The reservoir that feeds the local river and this lake is only 5% full. I will be posting a story about this at my blog sometime this week)

Then we drove to the apple shop on the side of the road and got some apples and a pie to take home.

I hope Sharlene had a fun weekend too.

Love Mikaela

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