Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Things from Down Under

Hi Amy and Ashlyn,

Mikaela will be very excited to see your first post when she wakes up. Although we will wait to after school to reply you.

Mikaela is also planning and writing her post on paper. I am then transferring her writing into a blog post, and elaborating on what she has said where needed. I have taken all the pictures in this post but in future posts most of the photos will be hers.
So with out further ado here is Mikaela’s first post.


5 Things about Mikaela

1. I like meeting new friends.

2. I like China. For my 8th birthday I had a Chinese themed party.

3. I love going to the park or beach.

4. My favourite breakfast is vegemite on toast with a chocolate milkshake.

5. I love dancing and Disney Princess movies.

5 Things about Melbourne.

1. Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia. It has a population of approximately 3.9 million people.

2. Melbourne is the only city in Australia to have a network of Trams as part of our public transport system.

3. It is Autumn/Fall in Melbourne

4. Melbourne has 3 zoo’s. The Royal Melbourne Zoo. Werribee open range zoo, which has safari animals and Healesville Sanctuary, home to Australian wildlife.

5. Melbourne has been in drought for 10 years. We have very little water. We are not allowed to water our lawns, or wash our cars with garden hoses or tap water. Our dams are only 27.6% full.


  1. Ashlyn says "Hi Mikaela. I like China too. That is very sad that you have little water. I can't wait to learn about Australia and you."

    Ashlyn's Mom says "Great first post! I really like the facts that you came up with. It looks like you worked really hard on them. I think you and Ashlyn are going to have a lot in common."

  2. It always slips my mind that we are on opposite seasons... interesting first posts girls