Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legends in the Sky

Hi Ashlyn & Amy,

We have many myths and legends. Mikaela has decided to tell you one that is very fitting considering we have sent you Sharlene the Emu as our toy exchange. She has decided to share this story of the Aboriginal Boorong people of Western Victoria that we learnt about at the Planetarium 2 weeks ago.


The Emu in the sky

There was a giant Emu called Tchingal. He pecked and ate people with his pointy sharp beak. He made all the families very scared. One man was so scared, he climbed a tree and hid there so long that he turned into a Ringtail Possum. Two brothers killed the Emu and plucked his feathers. They separated the feathers into 2 piles. These piles formed the smaller and friendlier male and female Emu’s of today.

Some Facts:

Tchingal occupies a large amount of the night sky in the southern hemisphere and is easiest seen in the evenings of the months of May through to July. Its head occupies part of the Southern Cross, what western astronomers call the Coal Sack. Its neck stretches down through the Pointers (Alpha and Beta Centauri) and its body is the large dark patch just before reaching Scorpius. Its legs hang down into the tail of Scorpius, and the nebulae in Sagittarius are its eggs. The tree that Bunya climbed is the Southern Cross.


Guess who arrive today!!!
Pinky has been introduced to the other toys in Mikaela’s room and has quickly made friends with a snow leopard.


  1. I love that pinky gets to ride the snow leopard where ever it goes! how fun!

  2. Ashlyn is so excited to hear that Pinky has arrived. She loves that Pinky has already made new friends. She is looking forward to the arrival of Sharlene.