Friday, July 10, 2009

Pinky goes to Disney On Ice

Hi Ashlyn,

We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays. Mikaela is also on school holidays. She has a 2 weeks break between second and third term. She had had a really busy and fun break and returns to school next week.

Mikaela and her Nanna went to the Forever Barbie 50th Birthday Exhibition that is on in town. She like it so much that I am taking her back there this weekend. She got to see how Barbies are made and they had one largest collection of Barbies and Accessories ever assembled in the world on display. At the end of the exhibition Mikaela got to design her own Barbie Doll.

We also took a trip to Sovereign Hill an 1850’s gold mining village. They had and ice sculpture exhibition, and ice slide and snow there, but it was not real. We will post about our adventures her soon.
The most exciting part of Mikaela’s holidays was going to Disney on Ice. We go every July when the show comes to town. This year the theme was Princess Wishes.
Pinky came along to the show and she dressed up in her very best pink dress for the occasion. When we took our seats an usher approached me and asked if Mikaela and her brother would like to be in the show. Just before intermission when the Little Mermaid was on. I took Mikaela and her brother down to the side of the stage and they hopped in a boat and were pushed around the ice. They got to meet some of the Disney characters too. It was a very special day to be picked out of a crowd of about 10 thousand people.

Please tell us what you have been doing on your summer holidays, we would love to know if you have any special traditions and how you’re spending your summer vacation.

Mikaela & Liss