Sunday, June 7, 2009

When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a Florist. I love flowers. My favourites are roses, violets and blue bells. I would go to the flower market each day and get the freshest flowers I could find to put them into special bouquets for people to come and buy for all different occasions. I would like to make people happy with my flower arrangements. I would have a basket of flowers especially for little kids so when they come into my shop they could pick a flower out of the basket.

My mum tells me I must go to floristry school where I will learn about all different flowers, how to arrange them and what flowers you give for each different occasion.

To be a florist in Australia you need a minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Floristry. This is a 1.5 years full time course or 3 years part time.

I know Red Roses are for love, so when you go on a date with a boy he should give you red roses.

Brightly coloured followers are good to give to your friends for their birthdays or to say thank you.

White lilies are given to people you love very much when they die.

Ashlyn, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Quick News Update:

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while we have been busy. Mikaela spent all of last week off school as they shut down due to some confirmed cases of swine flu.

We thought we had lost Pinky on Saturday. She had gone to Nanna’s for a sleep over a few days before. Thankfully on a search of Mikaela’s bedroom we found her hiding tucked up in between Mikaela’s bed and the bedroom wall. Pinky, had us scared for a minute bit is very safe now.

Mikaela went to a fancy dress party. Her costume was a 60’s Rock ’n’ Roll outfit. Here she is with her cousin.


  1. We would love to come visit your flower shop one day. It sounds like you are going to be very good at arranging the flowers and picking the right ones for the right occasions. We think having a basket of flowers for kids is a wonderful idea. Ashlyn is busy working on her post. She will have it ready soon. Tomorrow we may go swimming. The lake is still really cold but the weather is finally starting to feel like summer.

  2. Mikaela is extremely flattered that you would love to visit her shop and is going to boast about it to her best friend tomorrow.

    Mikaela is good on the computer so she thinks she should have an online store and she can send you flowers anytime. I suggested she also make chocolate bouquets but i think she might eat all the profits.

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