Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sharlene's First Week In Minnesota

Here are some pics from Sharlene's first week in Minnesota. Of course we had to take her fishing.
Sharlene has made friends with a fluffy white duck named Peepers. Peepers & Sharlene joined my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Grandpa while we fished on Blackduck Lake for walleyes.
The lake was very busy that evening. We didn't head out on the lake until 6:00 in the evening. Here is a picture of all the boats waiting to get in and out of the lake. There was a line of five boats waiting to be put into the water and about four other boats waiting their turn to get off the lake.Sharlene helped me fish. Mom or Dad would cast my line out for me and then Sharlene and I would slowly reel the minnow and jig back to the boat.

Sharlene and I caught the first fish. It wasn't a walleye so we didn't keep it. It was a northern. When my Mom was about to take this picture my Grandpa and I backed up so she could take it. Well Grandpa tripped over the minnow bucket, knocking it over spilling minnows all over the floor. We just about fell out of the boat and Grandpa dropped the fish, which made my Mom scream and jump on the seat because the northern tried to get her foot. It was so funny. We quick took this picture, released the fish and saved all the minnows. That is why we are laughing in the picture.
We fished until it got dark outside. It was neat watching the sun set over the lake. We saw bald eagles flying over us and pelicans landing in the water near our boat.
We caught 21 fish total. In Minnesota people have to have a permit to fish - but kids don't. People are able to keep six walleyes for each person in the boat and they have to be a certain size, if they aren't you have to throw them back into the lake.
Here is a picture of me holding a walleye. You have to be careful when you hold them because their fins are sharp and they have sharp teeth. My Grandpa is proud of me that I will hold the fish, because my Mom is to scared to hold them and my Uncle (my Mom's brother) will only touch the fish if he has gloves on.
Sharlene also came with my Mom and Dad to my school to watch my second grade musical. The musical was called Kids In Space. One of the teachers at my school wrote the musical. We all had to wear red shirts and sun glasses. Sharlene loved the musical. After the show Mom brought Sharlene down to my classroom so that she could take my picture. This is a picture of Sharlene and me with two of my really good friends - Nick and Tucker. Tucker and I have been in the same class since Kindergarten.

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  1. We are impressed by your superior fishing skills. 21 fish in one afternoon is huge. We would be lucky if we caught one in a whole day. We hope Sharlene didn’t get sea sick out on the water, going by your photos she looks a natural out there on the boat. Your school musical sounds like it would have been fun.